Real Estate

We understand the common financial issues real estate businesses are up against and we are ready to help you with practical tax solutions. We specialize in 1031 like-kind exchanges, passive activity deductions, tax deferral transactions, cost segregation analysis, and capital gain projections.  Whether your business focuses on development, investment, associations, management or you are a real estate agent, we always pay attention to changing tax legislative in order to develop new strategies for our real estate industry clients.


Agriculture and farming businesses are subject to specific tax laws and requirements.  We have the knowledge, expertise, tools and strategies to help agricultural and farm families with thier unique requirements. We can help provide guidance for you to decide if you should buy, sell or lease equipment so you can receive the best return on your investment.   When we handle your taxes, you can be confident that you are always compliant with the current tax legislation and are taking advantage of every tax incentive and credit available related to an agricultural business.


The financial health of your medical practice is vital to its continued success.  We provide specialized accounting and tax services for doctors, dentists and other healthcare professionals.  Rudisill Accountancy provides tax and accounting solutions for busy healthcare providers focusing on your unique financial challenges to the medical profession and medical business owners.


Closely Held Businesses

We invest time to learn your business and family structure, so that we can offer crucial, relevant guidance.  We strive to make your tax situation as advantageous as possible, allowing you to effectively accomplish your goals.  For flow-through entities, we understand your concern about how income is taxed at the individual level.